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Discount Hookahs

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Each one of our Hookahs products is crafted by the highest standards and is completely authentic.

Our Hookahs come in different sizes, shape and materials from all around the globe. No website in the world offers such a wide variety of hookahs and accessories. All of our hand-made and elaborately decorated hookahs are custom made.

Discount Hookahs - Glass Egyptian, Syrian Hookah

Mini Hookahs

small nargile

Mini sized hookahs come with all the attributes that big hookahs have. We offer a variety of different designs and colors to provide an enjoyable smoking time. Each one of our mini hookahs is completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards. Choose the best mini hookah that suits you.

Junior Hookahs

Argila sheesha tabaco

Junior hookah pipes are top quality hookahs. You get the best of everything in a hookah with a convenient size and design. Best way to start smoking shisha. Have you decide what's hookah is best for you?

Modern Hookahs

Basket ball style hookah pipe

The modern hookahs are the fresh looking, hottest and most interesting hookahs around. Our modern hookahs come made in different shapes and styles for you. Each one of our modern hookahs is crafted to the highest standards and completely authentic. Our shisha smoking pipes are functional, attractive, durable and available to you.

Egyptian Hookahs

Hookah supplies from Egypt

Classic Egyptian hookahs are high quality hookahs. Our Egyptian hookas are completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards. They are functional, attractive, ready for your smoking needs. Take a look and see which classic Egyptian is waiting for you!

Syrian Hookahs

22 special hand crafted hookah

The Syrian Hookahs are the highest standard hookahs you can find. All our Syrian hookahs is completely authentic and are hand crafted. Syrian hookahs have a beautiful, wonderful Syrian design! Go a head and choose your own!

Rotating Hookahs

Rotating hookah

Rotating hookahs makes group smoking in bars or parties. Pass the hose to your smoking buddies and avoid messy hose tangles and looping. Each one of our Rotating hookahs is completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards.

Premium Hookahs

Premium hookahs

Premiums hookahs are kings of our collection. Each premium hookah is real a work of art! All hooka pipes are hand crafted, the most luxury hookahs you can find. With Premium hookahs, you'll smoke like royalty, and your imperial companions will always be impressed by your fine taste!

Multiple Hose hookahs

Rotating hookah

If you are a fan of big party's smoking occasions or are simply looking to comfortably accommodate group smoking, the Multiple Hose Hookahs is where it's at. With the Multiple Hose hookahs, you get the best of everything and the opportunity to smoke together with your friends, making the smoking experience even more fun!

Collectors Hookah

Blue hand made ceramic hookah

In this section you will find special unique hand made hookahs that are simply a work of art!

Syrian Tiger Hose 74"

Tiger hookah hose

The Syrian Hose offers you the elegance of Syrian design that's sure to make you and all of your companions feel like royalty.

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only $15.30

Most of our hookahs water pipes are imported from the heart of Syrian and Egypt. All hookahs are very genuine and designed to last a lifetime.

Complete Packages

Save money and buy these packages. Each package comes complete with a hooka, tobacco, charcoal and other hookah supplies. These packages make wonderful gifts for anyone who is new to the world of sheesha smoking or someone who simply wants to get it all.

Discount Hookahs

Egyptian Shisha, Flavored Tobacco

Today, the water pipe and the dazzling culture around it, is preparing to turn back to its magnificent old days. Day by day the culture which adds magic to the tobacco is attracting more and more interest. The name - water pipe- which is an important part of eastern culture, derives from the Persian word ‘nargil’ which means coconut. The first water pipe designs, which were named ‘?hi?a’ in Arabic and ‘Kalyan’ in Persian, were seen in India.
The first water pipe,which was made of the coconut’s outer layer by inserting a bamboo to the coconut, made room for the marrow squash while bringing a new dimension to the consumption of Indian hemp. After constantly gaining popularity, porcelain and silver body water pipes appeared, followed by the tile, silver plated and glass made water pipes. It first became widespread among the Persians and later among the Arabs.

Nowadays, hookah-smoking is a seemingly unbreakable social habit that, despite a vigorous anti-smoking lobby, is growing in popularity, especially among non-Arabs. In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are hookah cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea..